Who are The Honest Gold Guys?

Who are the Honest Gold Guys? Why do they call themselves honest? Why should I sell my gold and silver to an one of these guys? The original Honest Gold Guy started up in Prescott, Arizona in 2009.

As he told his stories on his You Tube channel, others who were interested in the gold buying business asked for his help in starting up their businesses.

This demand lead him to start up Scrap Gold University, a gold buyers training school. Many were drawn to his ideas of honesty and fair dealing. American business people have gotten maligned in the press as scandals have broken out in this generation.

Unfortunately, the media magnifies these stories about crooked businesspeople and doesn’t shine the spotlight on the honest hard working entrepreneurs in American business very often. Fortunately a few customers do take the time to praise an honest businessman.

We believe that every customer is important. Additionally, they believe that every customer deserves to be treated fairly and honestly. And every customer deserves the most money we can pay you for your gold and silver. Honest Gold Guys typically receive outstanding feedback from their clients. These online feedback comments alert consumers about who they can trust.

Every week we get inquiries from entrepreneurs who are attracted to our business model. For those inquirers this page exists to help them learn how to Become an Honest Gold Guy.

As each of these buyers gets trained and opens for business we add them to our directory. To find the nearest honest gold guy simply click the locations tab in our sites Navbar.

Honest Gold Guy
910 E Gurley Street,
Prescott, AZ. 86301
Ph 928-777-9242

Page Updated 05/23/2013
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