Welcome, to the Honest Gold Guy

The Honest Gold Guy will make selling your gold, silver, or platinum a pleasant, rewarding, and profitable experience. We understand that it is not always easy, or comfortable to sell your gold or silver in today’s economic climate.

We pride ourselves in providing discreet, and educational service to our customers. This way you can make an informed decision when choosing to sell your gold and silver, knowing you received a fair price.

We really do pay you more as our overheads are low. Often, you will often be dealing direct with the owner. At each of our Gold Buying locations we reward our customers for sending their friends and family to us.  Come and see us for the best buy prices in the industry.

Our team of Honest Gold Buyers have been a part of the precious metal industry since 1980. Some have have worked with the country’s finest jewelry businesses. We have a wide knowledge in precious metals, diamonds, semiprecious stones and precious metal refining.  Our gold buyers will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and explain our processes to you as we appraise your precious metals.

Please see our locations page for the location nearest to you. We have entrepreneurs opening locations nationwide, as well as in Canada and Australia. Each of our locations have honest gold buyers who will treat you honestly, fairly, and with the respect you deserve.

We buy scrap gold, broken, or unwanted gold jewelry, gold coins, silver coins, silver jewelry, silver flatware, scrap silver, and  platinum. Each of the Honest Gold Guys is dedicated to getting you the cash you deserve for your gold, silver, and platinum. You can expect to watch us weigh, test, and price your precious metals right in front of you.

We provide walk in service in locations across the country.

Honest Gold Guy
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